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Sunday, 8 May 2011


Mothers' Day is always a difficult time for me; because of social networking and the fact that I have a lot of American friends, I get to experience it twice.  Thankfully today a friend unwittingly provided a very pleasant distraction that allowed me to focus on less melancholic things.  She also encouraged/inspired me to return to this much-neglected blog, which I will endeavour to update more frequently.

This Mothers' Day, I am reminded of the time my teenage self inadvertently rented a movie with a friend that turned out to be nothing short of soft porn.  Of course, being teenagers, once we realised our error we kept watching.  My mother came in to the room to see how we were doing, noticed how quickly we switched off the video and decided to stay and watch with us, despite (or more probably because of) all our attempts to dissuade her.  I can’t tell you what the film was actually about as I spent the next 90 minutes staring at the carpet, though I do remember that there was an uncomfortable amount of panting and moaning. 

My mother didn’t say anything when the film ended, she simply stood up and left the room.  There was never any discussion of it, though from then on she did take an unusual interest in any movies I was going to watch with my younger brother and sister.

So, this Mothers’ Day, I raise a glass to my mother who I miss every day and who, despite suspecting me of sexual depravity, loved me anyway.

If you've had any awkward moments with your mother, I'd love to hear about them.  Please leave a comment below.