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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Better than a kick in the head?

"Mmm...It tastes better" – a slogan that doesn't really make me want to rush inside to try their ribs. Clearly their unusal honesty and lack of confidence in their food made it impossible for them to suggest that it was actually good.  Was "better" really the best they could do? And better than what?  Did the shop owner say to himself:

"well, I suppose if the choice is between eating our food and a piece of cardboard, I can say without a doubt, our food tastes better!"

Thankfully he was talked out of using "Better than cardboard!", which I imagine was his first choice.

Up the street is a closed down kebab shop called Kebabish. a kebab, but not quite? Maybe this was what Morley's food tasted better than.

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